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The Legend of Dragoon Remake Teased by Bluepoint Games

The Legend of Dragoon was supposed to be Sony PlayStation’s Final Fantasy series, however, it failed to rekindle any interest. Fans have hoped to see the series return someday.

Bluepoint Games is considered one of the finest studios when it comes to remastering or remaking a classic game. They have done a lot of great work with classic series like Metal Gear Solid, ICO, and they have also made a full remake of Shadow of the Colossus for PS4. This has led to speculation that what they are going to work on next after the massive success of Shadow of the Colossus.

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The Legend of Dragoon is another classic Sony JRPG that has been lying dormant since the PS1. It wasn’t as successful as Sony hoped which is why there was never any sequel to it, but Bluepoint Games sees the potential in bringing it back someday.

The Legend of Dragoon is a lengthy JRPG so if there is going to be a remake for it, this might be a huge undertaking for the studio. Bluepoint Games might be up for the challenge if they are indeed working on a remake. According to their job listings, they are working on a classic series these days and there hasn’t been any official confirmation on what their next project will end up.

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When Peter Dalton, the technical director at Bluepoint Games interacted to a fan on his Twitter account, he mentioned that they would love to work on The Legend of Dragoon project. This was in response to a fan who asked him what was his favorite video game. It could be just that Peter Dalton wanted to express his love for the series but this has sparked the rumor that Bluepoint Games might be working on a remake for The Legend of Dragoon.

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