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The Quarry: How To Save Emma

Here’s how you can save Emma from meeting a disastrous fate in Supermassive Games’ new drama horror game, The Quarry. There are a total of 9 main characters, whose fates are strung together by a curse. One wrong decision can put their lives in danger.

In order to save Emma from a fatal outcome, follow the the choices outlined below for each chapter that she’s involved in.

How To Save Emma In The Quarry

In order to save Emma’s life, you’ll need to be mindful about the choices you make across several chapters, beginning with Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

You’ll assume control of Emma at the beginning of Chapter 2. You’ll need to try and kick the door ahead. From there, look for another door, from where you can reach out to Jacob. Inside the room, Jacob will pick the beer and you’ll be prompted to get the shotgun. Pick the following choices when prompted to do so:

  • Kick Door
  • Call Jacob
  • Grab Shotgun

The shotgun will have a safe code on it. From here, go towards the exit and look for a safe to interact with. Emma will use the code to open the safe. Here, pick the following choices:

  • Leave Fireworks
  • Affectionate

Chapter 4

This chapter is where Emma’s life will be in grave danger, so be careful with the choices you make. Once you assume control of her, she’ll be on an island. Soon, you’ll be presented with the option to take either of the stairs or the low route. Regardless of which route you take, you’ll end up at the treehouse.

The next choice is crucial, and you have two options: either search the bags or open the trapdoor. Emma will die instantly if she opens the trapdoor. Instead, go through the bags. She’ll discover clothing inside, as well as some self-defense items, such as a taser and pepper spray. Pick the following choices:

  • Search the Bag
  • Use the Taser
  • Take a Photo

Emma will now open the trapdoor, but she’ll equipped to defend herself after collecting the items from the bag. Make sure not to fail any QTEs here, and pick the following choices:

  • Smash
  • Spray
  • Block Door
  • Use Trapdoor
  • Smash

Chapter 6

You’ll gain control of Emma in the second half of Chapter 6, as she’s walking through the forest. Make sure to take the firecrackers before heading in. Pick the following choices, and don’t fail the QTE here:

  • Delighted
  • Apologetic
  • Hide
  • Hold Breath
  • Pry Open

Emma’s safe from any direct threat from here onward. However, she’ll accompany Abigail in some of the later chapters, and you need to make the right choices in order for both of them to survive.

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