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The Quarry: How To Save Jacob

If you’re looking to keep Jacob alive in The Quarry, here’s what you need to do in order to save him from impending doom. Supermassive Games’ latest drama horror game features a total of 9 protagonists, and the choices you make with each of them can have a dramatic impact on their lives and the resultant plot.

In order to save Jacob in The Quarry, follow the steps outlined below for each of the game’s chapters that he plays a part in.

How To Save Jacob In The Quarry

In order to save Jacob’s life, you’ll need to be mindful about the choices you make across multiple chapters, beginning with the very first chapter.

Chapter 1

You’ll take control of Jacob at the beginning of Chapter 1. Grab the bags on the stairs, following which you’ll begin a conversation with Kaitlyn. Pick the following choices here:

  • Playful
  • Mischievous
  • Brave

Chapter 3

In this chapter, you’ll assume control of Jacob after a conversation between him and Emma. Go over to the boat for another dialogue with her. Don’t fail any QTEs here, and pick the following choices:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Don’t Splash
  • Flirt
  • Dive In
  • Grab
  • Detangle

Later, you’ll once again have control of Jacob. There aren’t any QTEs in this sequence, therefore simply pick the following choices:

  • Don’t Call Out
  • Smash
  • Pleading
  • Don’t Throw Dirt

Chapter 4

Jacob can get killed by Ryan in Chapter 4, so be careful with your choices. It begins with Ryan inspecting Nick’s wound. Meanwhile, Jacob hears Abigail cry and rushes into the woods to aid her. Soon after, you’ll be back in the fire pit, in control of Ryan. Something is moving in the woods, and Ryan is prompted with the option to fire the shotgun into the bushes. Make sure not to shoot here at any point, as doing so will lead to Jacob’s death. Pick the following choices as Ryan:

  • Apply Pressure
  • Smash
  • Dismissive
  • Call Out
  • Don’t Shoot
  • Don’t Shoot
  • Questioning
  • Let Go

Chapter 6

You assume control of Jacob at the very beginning of Chapter 6. Go over to the right to encounter and begin a conversation with Emma. Don’t fail the QTE here, and pick the following choices:

  • Delighted
  • Apologetic
  • Hide
  • Hold Breath
  • Pry Open

Chapter 7

Towards the end of the chapter, there’s a short sequence where you take control of Jacob. Pick the following option here:

  • Pleading

Chapter 8

Jacob can get killed if he isn’t freed from his cage by Ryan and Laura in the basement of the Hackett House. Once in control of Ryan, go through the tunnel lit by a red light in order to advance to the next sequence. Make sure not to fail the QTE at the beginning of the sequence. Here are the choices you’ll have to make to keep Ryan alive:

  • Don’t Open Cage
  • Stop Laura
  • Help Jacob
  • Choose Breakers 1 and 2
  • Continue
  • Choose Breakers 2 and 3

This should set Jacob free from his cage, hence keeping him out of any direct danger for the remainder of the game.

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