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Turn 10 Is Allegedly Bringing Visual Improvements To Forza Motorsport With Post-Launch Updates

Turn 10 is bringing visual improvements to its latest sim racing game, Forza Motorsport, with post-launch updates.

According to Digital Foundry’s John Linneman and freelance game journalist Denis Lucius Brown, Turn 10 is bringing visual improvements to Forza Motorsport, including fixing the typo on a certain signboard.

Forza motorsport visual improvements

Brown pointed out to Linneman on Twitter/X that his Gran Turismo 7 vs Forza Motorsport video got “things moving” at Turn 10’s end, resulting in the development of graphical updates that are being rolled out soon. They claim that this includes the lighting being more vibrant looking along with improvements to color grading.

They also claimed that the infamous Spa signboard with the typo has been fixed. However, closer inspection reveals that the game includes two different variations of the sign, one with and the other without the typo. This raises a question mark on the legitimacy of the other graphical improvements. As of writing, developer Turn 10 has yet to make a statement in this regard.

Forza Motorsport is available for Windows and Xbox Series X/S. It serves as the thirteenth main installment in the Forza series and the eighth title in the Forza Motorsport series. This installment is considered a reboot for the sub-series, eliminating the sequential numbering used in previous entries like Forza Motorsport 7. The game features over 500 vehicles and 800 upgrades, along with 20 newly designed tracks at launch. While more than 100 of these elements are new to the series, many are returning from earlier Forza Motorsport games.

The game incorporates various elements, including real-time ray tracing on the track, tire wear, dynamic time of day, improved damage models with features like better-defined damage, paint chipping, and dirt buildup. Additional effects include “animated track life,” “physically based lighting and volumetric fog effects,” and “a fully procedural cloud system.” Forza Motorsport includes a single-player career mode and various online multiplayer modes. At launch, four DLC packs are available for players.

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