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Unicorn Overlord Developer Vanillaware Is Working On New Action RPG Featuring Online Component

Unicorn Overlord developer Vanillaware is currently working on a brand new action RPG that features an online component.

The Official Twitter/X account of Vanillaware has shared that the studio has begun working on a new action RPG. It is currently recruiting new talent to join its development team on the upcoming project.

Vanillaware action rpg

As per the recruitment page on its official website, Vanillaware is currently looking for a programmer, a 2D animator, and a background designer to work alongside its development team on the new action RPG. The programmer will be involved in the implementation of game components such as character controller and UI, communication, shaders, and the production of development tools, etc. Meanwhile, the 2D animator will be responsible for creating animations for characters and other design work, including icons, UI, effects, etc. Lastly, the background designer will be involved in the creation of background graphics as well as other design work.

The mention of communication among the required skills for the position of programmer implies that the upcoming action RPG from Vanillaware will feature some kind of online component, possibly a co-op mode similar to the one found in the studio’s previous action RPG, Dragon’s Crown. Furthermore, the mention of 2D animations and background graphics implies that the studio will stick to the unique visual design seen in its prior games for the new title.

Vanillaware’s most recent title, Unicorn Overlord, is a tactical role-playing game that was released on March 8, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The game is set on the war-torn continent of Fevrith and follows exiled prince Alain, as he gathers allies to free Fevrith’s nations from the Zenoiran Empire. Gameplay involves Alain and his army units engaging in large-scale, real-time battles and field movement. The studio succeeded in creating a modern version of classic tactical games from the 1990s.

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