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Major Xbox First-Party Exclusives Will Reportedly Head To PlayStation Including Forza and Halo

Major Xbox first-party exclusives will arrive on PlayStation, including Forza and Halo titles, based on the latest report.

Windows Central editor and The Xbox Two podcast co-host Jez Corden shared what he terms as “informed speculation” regarding the future of Xbox, according to which major first-party exclusives will arrive on PlayStation consoles, including the likes of Forza and Halo.

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Upon seeing his statement being taken out of context by Xbox fans, Corden clarified that he was referring to the way Microsoft identifies trends, but then gets the messaging wrong. He gave the example of Xbox attempting to go all digital with the Xbox One, which led to lots of backlash from content creators without them waiting to hear details on Microsoft’s proposed DRM sharing system. As such, he believes that the company is great at identifying trends, but not so great at positioning and messaging them. He argued that the software giant is “too data driven”, and the decision to bring Xbox first-party exclusives to PlayStation consoles could be another example of the company identifying a trend too early and giving Sony a “monopoly”.

Microsoft is now in possession of two of the biggest AAA game publishers on the market, and neither acquisition came cheap. It arguably has the relevant data to make an informed decision on the potential growth of its first-party titles. Is the company too data driven? Is it too early to follow trends that the market isn’t ready for just yet? Perhaps that is the case, but there’s no denying the potential increase in revenue for Microsoft with the arrival of major Xbox exclusives like the next Halo or Forza Horizon on PS5.

Another trend that Microsoft appears to be following is the growing consumer interest in the handheld gaming market. Recently, we reported that the company sent out invitations via email to newsletter subscribers, asking them to take part in a survey to provide feedback on their gaming handheld devices. Read about it here.

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