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Xbox Game Pass April 2021 Update Brings MLB The Show 21 and More

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Game Pass lineup for April. This will encompass the first half of the month and includes MLB The Show 21 and more.

The biggest surprise for this Game Pass update is the announcement that MLB The Show 21 is coming to the service at launch. This is a big blow for the PlayStation users who enjoyed the series exclusively until this year, and to top it, now they have to pay for it while Xbox users can play the game if they have a Game Pass subscription.

The addition of MLB The Show 21 has overshadowed most of the new game announcements so there are not many for this month, but Grand Theft Auto V is returning back to the subscription bringing in Cloud support for Smartphones as well.

The full list of games that will be added to the Game Pass subscription can be seen below, while the one that will be removed can be seen here.

  • Grand Theft Auto V (Cloud and Console) – April 8
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – April 8
  • Disneyland Adventures (Cloud) – April 8
  • Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure (Cloud) – April 8
  • NHL 21 (Console) EA Play – April 12
  • Rain on Your Parade (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – April 15
  • Pathway (PC) ID@Xbox – April 15
  • MLB The Show 21 (Cloud and Console) – April 20

Just to refresh your memory, the following games will be removed from the Game Pass subscription later this month. Expect to see another update for the list.

April 15

  • Deliver Us the Moon (Console and PC)
  • Gato Roboto (Console and PC)
  • Wargroove (Console and PC)

April 16 (EA Play)

  • Madden 15 (Console)
  • Madden 16 (Console)
  • Madden 17 (Console)
  • Madden 18 (Console)
  • Madden 25 (Console)
  • NHL 18 (Console)
  • NHL 19 (Console)
Ali Haider

Ali Haider loves to dabble in multimedia projects. He has a passion for editing and managing YouTube videos and loves writing in his spare time.

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