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Xbox Game Pass Social Media Account Teases a New Game For March 2019

Xbox Game Pass social media account is quite active when it comes to teasing new games for Xbox Game Pass user. Their latest tweet reveals the name of one of the upcoming games which begins with the word “J” while the rest is blurred out.

This is how most of the previous Xbox Game Pass announcements have been teased in the past, but this time, it is just a single game that begins with the alphabet J.

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The tweet itself seems to hint at the name of the game but it is open to interpretation so it can be anything, from Just Cause 4 to Just Dance.

Right now, the popular theories are that this might be Just Cause 4 since there was an email from Rico regarding some insurance claim in the image shared by the social media account. The blurred name does look a little too long for it to be Just Cause 4, so we are going with Jurassic World Evolution.

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Xbox Game Pass has already teased that an announcement for the upcoming games will be made on March 7th, so that might be clarified soon enough. The games are usually dropped throughout the month instead of releasing all of them in a single day.

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