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Xbox One April System Update Is Out, Implements Some Quality-of-Life Changes

Microsoft has dropped the April system update for Xbox One. It implements some quality-of-life features like the ability to do a full restart for the console and implementing a new method to uninstall games if the hard disk is out of space.

Xbox One April firmware update has an official OS version 10.0.18362.2018 (19h1_release_xbox_dev_1904.190410-1845) and it is around 700 MB. You will be required to download it with a prompt and once accepted, the console will be taken to the update screen.

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Xbox One April System Update Changelog: What Are The New Features?

As explained earlier, this April update implements the ability to perform a full system restart on the console. You can do this by keeping the Xbox button pressed on the controller to get the power center option. Once you open it, you can pick up the full restart choice given in it to get a clean boot for Xbox One.

Among other additions to the Xbox One April firmware update are Streamlined quests, Console keyboard improvements, and an easier Uninstall option in the games dashboard.

Console restart

We heard you! There’s now an option to fully restart the console on the power center screen (press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller).

Streamlined quests

Now you can get to Game Pass quests directly from the Game Pass hub on Home as well as from your profile. Just select Game Pass, then scroll down and select Quests – Show All.

Console keyboard improvements

We’ve updated the virtual keyboard on the console so that it takes up less space on the screen and can position itself smartly around text fields.

Easier uninstall

Want to install something new but faced with a full hard drive? Now, instead of first having to go choose what to remove, we suggest items for removal that will free up enough space on your hard drive. And here’s the kicker – when that’s done we automatically start installing your new game or app!

Xbox One Media Remote shortcut

The Xbox One Media Remote has been updated to let you reprogram the OneGuide button to launch a media app instead of OneGuide. This is a great shortcut to jump into your favorite media app and start watching.

Looks like Microsoft is focusing more on making smaller but much-requested changes with these incremental updates to the Xbox One OS. This one doesn’t seem to do much unlike the previous firmware update that improved 4K games and performance, but it is still not a bad update overall.

Source (Xbox Support)

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