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Xbox Series FPS Boost Supported Games Will Be Released Every Couple of Weeks

Microsoft will release the FPS Boost supported games for the Xbox Series every couple of weeks across the next couple of months.

This is according to Jason Ronald, the director of Program Management at Microsoft. He was interviewed by YouTuber Colteastwood and gave a lot of interesting responses to the backward compatibility support and FPS Boost feature.

Jason explained that they have to do a lot of testing and get approval from the original publisher of the game before they push FPS Boost for some of the supported games. He stressed that while this is an easy implementation, the testing is the tricky part because sometimes the game can work fine in the opening but then start to showcase issues at a later stage. So to retain the experience that was originally intended by the developers, they have to make sure to test the game thoroughly and keep in mind any bugs that the player might encounter when using the FPS Boost feature.

xbox. series fps boost

Fallout 4 was one of the games that were originally showcased with this new feature but it hasn’t been added as an FPS Boost supported game for the Xbox Series consoles. Jason clarified that the reason it is taking so long is that Fallout 4 is a large game so in this case, they have to take longer to perform testing on the title before they release the FPS Boost for it.

From the sound of it, the next couple of weeks will be exciting and we can’t wait to find out what games will get FPS Boost for the Xbox Series console. Jason refused to give any specific details on the games that they are planning to release for FPS Boost, but he did agree that it depends on the engine like in the case of Far Cry or Watch Dogs, they share a common game engine so it can theoretically work for other game that uses the same engine or structure, but they still have to do a lot of testing and get approval from the original publisher before they release the FPS Boost.

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