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Xbox Series X 1TB Storage Expansion Price Revealed

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X can use storage expansions to increase their hard disk size. The price of the 1 TB expansion has been revealed.

Microsoft has partnered with Seagate to create a storage expansion card for the Xbox Series S and X. Since the next-generation of consoles come with their own custom storage solutions with the ultra-fast NVMe flash memory, they need a special storage expansion card for this purpose.

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XSX will ship with a 1 TB NVMe flash memory while the Xbox Series S is smaller at 512 GB. The large file sizes of next-generation games mean that this storage space will quickly run out. As a result, these expansion storage cards are needed to add more space to the Xbox Series S and X while maintaining the optimal performance benchmark.

According to SmythsToysUK as reported by Eurogamer, the price of this 1 TB storage expansion is listed as £159.99, which roughly translates to $205. This is also closer to the leaked price for the 1 TB storage expansion, which was rumored to be $220.

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Here are the specs of this expansion storage card.

Capacity 1 TB
Flash Memory Custom PCIe Gen4x2 NVMe
Form Factor Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card
Limited Warranty 3 years

This will allow users to not only use the quick resume feature but enjoy lightning fast load times on their Xbox Series console.

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