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Xbox Series X Looks Stylish In These New Pictures From An Event In Germany

Microsoft has recently showcased Xbox Series X during an event in Germany. Pictures from the event give a closer look at the final retail console.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Series X is all set to arrive in November. The console won’t launch with Halo Infinite, which has been delayed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

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Recently, Xbox Series X was exhibited at Xperion e-arena in Saturn, Germany. Some of the attendees were able to take pictures of the console. From the pictures, it is clear that Microsoft is ditching the traditional horizontal console design in favor of a more tower-based design that resembles a PC.

xbox series x images

Both of the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft have opted for a more stylish design. Fans have jokingly compared the Xbox Series X to a mini-fridge while the PlayStation 5 has been compared to a router.

As per the official figures shared by Sony and Microsoft, Xbox Series X has the upper hand in terms of raw hardware power. Sony’s PlayStation 5 is larger than the XSX and also bulkier, as per the early reports.

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While the official launch of the XSX is planned for November, Sony has yet to announce a similar release window for their console. Both companies still haven’t announced any price point for their next-generation consoles. PS5 will come with two different editions, a digital-only console without a disc drive and one with a disc drive.

XSX is rumored to launch with another edition, Xbox Series S. Unlike the PS5, there will be some difference in the hardware of Series X and S.

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