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Anthem Ability Damage Types Chart Is Quite Useful For Picking Javelin Character Class

If you are looking forward to Anthem and want to pick up your favorite Javelin class, there is a useful chart that will help you decide how many Anthem ability damage types are present for each class.

In the past, Anthem ability damage type chart was incomplete but now the complete first update has been released after the launch of the Anthem VIP Demo, which unfortunately isn’t doing that great when it comes to the server access and buggy experience.

Anthem Ability Damage Types Chart Final Update

The credit for this chart goes to Reddit user FireDragon04 who took the time to make it. The ability names are all taken from the official website which was updated recently but they might not reflect the ones present in the demo.

You will play as a Freelancer who is able to ride in these exosuits called Javelins in the game. They can be customized depending on how you like it, and unlike Destiny, you don’t really need to start from scratch each time you have a change of mind and decide to switch to a different class. In such a case, you can feel free to pick one that best suits your interest.

Anthem world map size was also recently confirmed by fans who stitched together various part of the map to provide a full image. It might not be the most accurate representation but it is good enough to get an estimate on the world map size that also offers plenty of vertical freedom.

Source (Reddit)

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