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Apex Legends Season 3 Full World Map: All Locations and Secrets

Apex Legends Season 3 brings in a new world map. The official title for Season 3 is Meltdown and it also adds a new character: Crypto.

Respawn Entertainment has released a gameplay blowout trailer showcasing the new features of Apex Legends season 3 including the world map. Here is a clear look at what will be featured in the season 3 world map including all the new locations.

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The map is called World’s Edge. It has the following locations to explore: Refinery, Skyyhook, The Epicenter, Drill Site, Lava Fissure, The Train Yard, Capitol City, Overlook, Fuel Depot, Sorting Factory, Lava City, The Dome, The Tree, Thermal Station, and The Geyser.

Apex Legends Season 3 will begin with an update to the game that will patch it to version 1.20. This update is currently scheduled for October 1st, so it should be dropping soon. Once the update is out, this new world map should be live along with Crypto.

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Some of the other changes that will be later confirmed through patch notes are adjustments made to weapons like the Charge Rifle, Legend Changes, Item Changes, Gun Changes, and Hop-ups. For some detailed information on the changes, take a look at this reddit thread that covers some of them.

EA will also share information on the new battle pass for this season on October 1st in addition to sharing Apex Legend update 1.20 patch notes. You can grab and download the game since it is free-to-play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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