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Beat Saber Update 1.29 Is Out, Get The Patch Notes Here

Beat Games has updated Beat Saber to version 1.29 on PS4. This update implements supports for 46 new Beatmaps to support additional new levels.

Beat Saber is one of the most popular rhythm games for VR on both PC and PS4. It has continued to receive strong post-launch support from the developer Beat Games. In addition to releasing new songs as DLC, the developers have also released free updates bringing in support for new game content.

Beat Saber update 1.10.0 was released earlier this week on PC. There were some PC version-specific bug fixes in this update but more importantly, it implemented support for 46 Beatmaps. This update is out starting today for the PS4.

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Beat Saber Update 1.29 Patch Notes

  • Added 10 new 90 degree beatmaps and 26 new One Saber beatmaps.

The addition of 46 new Beatmaps across 18 songs will lead to 10 new 360°/90° levels each and 26 new One Saber levels. It should be new content for those who have already mastered all of the game levels including any of its post-launch DLC packs that have been released by the developer.

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Beat Saber file size is just 311 MB as per the PlayStation Store listing and adding in all of the updates released so far, it bumps up to roughly 1.5 GB. The game is available for PS4 and PC and it is playable on a virtual-reality headset.

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