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Bloodborne 60 FPS Custom Patch Teased For PS4, Modder Suggests It Is Up To Sony

Bloodborne will get a custom 60 FPS patch by popular game modder, Lance McDonald, however, it is up to Sony to decide if the patch is released.

Lance McDonald is well known in the Souls community for his work in hacking the various Souls games. This also includes Bloodborne, which he hacked to uncover cut content and hidden lore. He had tested a 60 FPS patch for the game earlier this year that appears to have worked well, especially in the PS4 Pro boost mode.

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Now Lance McDonald has suggested that this patch will be finally made public, except on one condition. According to him, Sony has to make it clear that they are not offering any enhancements for Bloodborne on PS5, and if they aren’t, then he will release the patch to let users on PS4 play the game at 60 FPS.

‘I’ll be releasing this patch publicly once the PlayStation 5 has released and Sony have made it clear whether or not Bloodborne will be enhanced on that system in any way. Out of respect for PlayStation, I want them to have the first chance to put 60fps Bloodborne into the hands of players,” says Lance in a comment on a video that he uploaded to showcase the 60 FPS mode.

bloodborne 60 fps patch

Once PS5 is out and it is confirmed that there are no enhancements for Bloodborne, he will release the patch for the general public. He confirms that this patch will run on version 1.09 of the game and requires a way to run unsigned code on the PS4.

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While there are rumors of a Bloodborne Remastered port for PC and PS5, nothing concrete has come out of it yet. Sony has confirmed Bloodborne as one of the free games for PS5 users who are subscribed to PS Plus. It will be offered as part of the PlayStation Plus collection after the launch of the PS5.

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