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Sony Will Transition To a Single Account For All Major Services Ahead of the PS5 Launch

Sony is now transitioning to a single account for its other services including PlayStation Rewards, Video, Music, and more, ahead of the launch of the PS5.

According to an update on the Sony Rewards website, Sony is transitioning to a single account for their various PlayStation and Sony product services. This includes everything for PlayStation Network from Music, Video, to PlayStation Plus.

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These unified accounts will tie Sony products together to a single ID. In the past, products like PlayStation Rewards had their own account system but this will change with the new update.

ps5 single account update

Here are the services that will be updated after this new change.

Participating Services*:

PlayStation™ Network

  • PlayStation™Plus
  • PlayStation™Music
  • PlayStation™Video
  • PlayStation™Now

Sony Mobile

  • Xperia Lounge
  • Xperia Store
  • Xperia Care
  • My Support
  • SonyMobile.com
    • My Account
    • Developer World

Sony Electronics

  • Sony Community

Sony Rewards

  • Sony Rewards

* Service availability may vary depending on the country/region.

This appears to tie up with an earlier rumor regarding Sony updating their PlayStation Web Store and Mobile app and removing their legacy devices from them including the PS3 and PS Vita as the console maker prepares for a transition to PS5. The console’s native web store will still be accessible from the hardware itself but players won’t be able to access or purchase games from the online web store.

According to Sony, one core account will be now applicable to all services. It will include the following information.

Sony account: One account for select Sony Group services

You can access several participating Sony Group services with just one account. Once you create a Sony account, just sign-in to any participating Sony Group service with this account.

You no longer need to manage your core account information separately at each Sony Group service.

The core account information is comprised of the following:

  • Sign-in ID (email address)
  • Password
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Date of Birth
  • Country/Region
  • Residential Address
  • Phone Number
  • Security Question and Answer

If you already have a PlayStation Network account on PS4 or will make one for PS5, it will be automatically updated to a Sony account. For Sony Rewards, you can sign into the website to link the service with your account.

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