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Canceled Splinter Cell Battle Royale Game Details Allegedly Leaked

Details regarding a canceled battle royale game based on Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell series have leaked online.

According to an alleged play tester, Ubisoft had been working on a Splinter Cell battle royale game, titled Splinter Cell: Hunters. They stated that the canceled game was played from a third-person perspective and had PvPvE elements. They further stated that their team of play testers were told after the last play test session back in July, 2022 that the game would be announced soon. However, that didn’t happen, and the game has since been shelved.

Splinter cell battle royale

The play tester also shared some details regarding the gameplay. Players would choose their “Spy Operator”, which is another name for classes. Then, a pair of players partner up and spawn during nighttime at the edge of a square slice of the “Washington DMZ”, the only map available during the play test. The only weapon available to players at the start is a knife.

As the player, your task would be to locate and kill one of the 4 High Value Targets in a compound somewhere on the map, securing the cache they drop afterwards. Once you’ve killed the target and grabbed a cache, you’re given an option to extract with your partner. The catch is that up to 30 other players in pairs/duos are competing for the same assassination targets.

The build play testers got the chance to try only featured duos. You and your partner would run into these places around the map where you could execute “Team Tactical Moves”, which require both players to work together for tasks like back-to-back wall climbing, boosted edge climb, and quietly making it through doors with high security. The would lead to both players having to stick together and not drift about on their own.

The map would have special areas called outposts guarded by AI soldiers. You could loot guns and equipment from caches, though outposts would be the best way to get high-tier loot. Unlike other players, these bot soldiers would be heavily armed, making it tough to engage them in gunfights. The game was designed to make it challenging for players to tackle AI soldiers and make their way past outposts.

While this alleged battle royale game based on the Splinter Cell franchise has been canceled, a Splinter Cell remake is in active development at Ubisoft.

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