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Crash Team Racing Nitro Re-Fueled File Size Confirmed For Xbox One

Crash Team Racing Nitro Re-Fueled file size has been confirmed on the Xbox One. Here’s how much data is needed in order to download the game on your console.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Re-Fueled is an upcoming remake of the first Crash Team Racing game for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is based on a beloved classic, so naturally, there is a lot of hype behind the release of the game. When the original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy was remade with high-definition modern visuals, it garnered a lot of praise and sold a lot.

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Activision is now bringing back Crash Team Racing in the same vein with a remake that overhauls the original game’s visuals but keeps the core gameplay elements intact, thus leading to a nostalgic filled ride. CTR Nitro Re-Fueled is also the first remake released by Activision to launch simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch.

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Microsoft has recently updated the Xbox Live Store and new information has been shared on the page for Crash Team Racing Nitro Re-Fueled. This confirms that the file size of the game is around 15.05 GB on the Xbox One, which is pretty modest and smaller than the remakes of Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. The game will offer Xbox One X enhancements and also include support for HDR.

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