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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: How To Unlock King Chicken

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has received its Neon Circus update adding new characters like King Chicken. Here’s how you can unlock him.

In order to unlock King Chicken as a playable character, you will need to access every hub area featured in the Adventure mode. There will be five eggs scattered around the map that have to be collected and they require precise jumps in order to grab them.

How To Unlock King Chicken In Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

The requirements to unlock King Chicken’s door is simple. You need to find the five eggs in the Adventure mode. Refer to the map below for a more precise location for them.

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Here is the location of the five eggs that are needed to unlock King Chicken.

  1. N Sanity Beach: This egg can be found near Roo’s Tubes. Drive towards the portal and then use the boardwalk to gain speed and jump off to get it.
  2. Lost Ruins: This can be found near the Coco Part portal. Just jump off the ramp with a speed boost to collect it.
  3. Glacier Park: This is found in the passageway that is between Glacier Park and N. Sanity Beach. You have to use the bridge in order to gain enough speed to jump and collect it.
  4. Citadel City: This is close to the Save Screen location in Citadel City. After driving off the ramp, turn right to collect it.
  5. Gemstone Valley: Grab this one on the Winner’s podium. This requires a precise jump where you need to drive up to the back of the podium and pull off a timed jump to grab it.

Once you have collected all of the eggs, take them to the King Chicken’s door found in the Ruins near the Tiger Temple portal. This will lead to a new cutscene that will unlock his door.

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Here’s a map to help you track the eggs courtesy of reddit.

King Chicken is one of the four new characters in Neon Circus Grand Prix. He belongs to the Drift class and can get three costumes. He has a max Nitro Point multiplier of +25%. For the rest of the new characters, refer to the Neon Circus challenges and rewards guide. You have to install Crash Team Racing update 1.14 to access the new content including King Chicken.

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