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Death Stranding Guide: How To Get All Death Stranding Guns

Death Stranding trailers might have not shown much action but the game does indeed offer various weapons. Here’s how you can get all the guns.

At the beginning of Death Stranding, you mostly do hiking and walk around the map. You will face many foes in the shape of MULES and BTs many times in the game. At the start of the game, you will have no weapons like guns or anything you can use to shoot or damage the enemy. At this point, you might be wondering if Death Stranding actually has guns or has Kojima trolled everyone.

How To Get Your First Gun In Death Stranding

Death Stranding has not much violence in its world. Killing someone in Death Stranding is discouraged and a scientific reason is given for it. It is said that by killing the spirit of the person, they can return in the form of BT. That is If the body of the person you killed is not buried soon. Their body can also cause a Voidout, which is a huge explosion that leaves a carter-sized hole in its wake. In Death Stranding the only people who use firearms are a separatist group called Homo Demens.

It takes a while to unlock your first non-lethal weapon in the game. You will unlock the first one in episode 3. In episode 3, you have to complete the objective which is to get the local preppers connected to the Chiral Network. In this mission, you will have to grab a toolbox from a BT-infested shopping mall for the craftsman.

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By completing the mission the craftsman will give you the Bola Gun as a reward. It will be your first weapon of the game. As you continue the story, you will be able to get your hands on other weapons by completing missions. The other weapons you will unlock in the game are Sticky Gun and the Anti BT-Gun.

What Is Bola Gun in Death Stranding and How To Get It

The Bola Gun is a helpfull firearm as you can tie your human enemy from a distance by using Bola Gun. If you do use the gun on an enemy, it will alert their comrades so after tying the enemy you will have to knock them out by kicking them on the ground, or they can also get up quickly.

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You can upgrade your Bola Gun by increasing your rank with the craftsman. The upgraded version of Bola Gun will help you tie up BT’s for a short period. It can also be helpful if you are stuck in a group of enemies.

What Is Sticky Gun In Death Stranding and How To Get It

The Sticky Gun is not used to damage humans. Sticky Gun is used to Steal the cargo from the other human enemies. You can easily steal their cargo without making any scene. You can grab any cargo from a distance by using Sticky Gun. Sticky Gun has adhesive rounds that are connected with a wire that can stick to cargo and then you can reel it towards you to grab a cargo without letting anyone know about it.

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You have to use it carefully as your aim should be perfect. If you will shoot the sticky gun on a human it will alert them and you will face problems in getting the cargo, so you will have aim perfectly on the cargo.

You can unlock the sticky gun after syncing up the Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City, which is located to South of the Chiral Network. You are also able to make one during a story mission where you make a delivery.

What Is Anti-BT Handgun In Death Stranding and How To Get It

The Anti-BT Handgun will be unlocked at the end of Episode 3 by helping the Junk Dealer and the Chiral artist. The Anti-BT Handgun is not very useful because it takes several rounds of Anti-BT Handgun to defeat a standard BT, In Death Stranding, it is the first weapon through which you can defend yourself. The Anti-BT Handgun is more useful if you use it along with Hematic Grenades.

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Death Stranding is available now for PS4. It has a day one patch which is out now. The game is also launching on PC in Summer 2020 and it is currently up for pre-order on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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