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Days Gone Update 1.30 Is Out, New Weekly DLC Challenge Detailed

Days Gone has a new weekly DLC challenge this week that has launched with a brand new update for the game. This week’s challenge pits the bike against 300 Freakers.

Days Gone has continued to get weekly DLC challenges from Sony Bend Studio. These are not timed DLC but they will remain a permanent part of the game. Here’s the latest weekly DLC challenge for Days Gone which is officially titled “Keep Them Safer.” It is another bike challenge but this time the player is up against 300 Freakers.

  • Utilize your crossbow and try for headshots to unlock the sub-challenges for major points!
  • Do your best to avoid taking damage and rolling to earn even more points to acquire a gold rank.

Days Gone update 1.30 also brings a new set of accessibility options in the game. This includes an inverted horizontal and vertical camera controls, fixing the busted “camera follow tracking” option, adjusting the subtitle size, background, and speaker names.

Sony Bend Studio has also made some quality-of-life changes like removing repeated button presses, reduced button size, and enabled a toggle for easier sprint action.

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Days Gone Patch 1.30 Notes

Progression Issues

  • NPCs in the mission “That Nevers Gets Old” should not get stuck in the terrain

General Fixes

  • Traps can now be placed in shallow water
  • Deacon’s bike should not become invisible after using Photo-mode
  • Freakers should now have more fluid animations when interacting with ledges
  • The “1%ER” ring now functions properly in all challenges
  • Fixed an issue where a small number of players wouldn’t progress to the results screen on the challenge “Drifter’s Run”
  • Traps should now appear on the player’s mini-map
  • Names are now consistent within the Leaderboards
  • Amendments have been made to our credits
  • Miscellaneous fixes to the HUD after certain missions
  • Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes
  • Miscellaneous audio adjustments throughout the game

You can download this update for Days Gone starting today. The next weekly DLC challenge is set to arrive on August 2nd.

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