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Dead or Alive 6 Gets Lobby Matches Support With New Update

Koei Tecmo has added the support for Lobby Matches with a new update to Dead or Alive 6 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Dead or Alive 6 update version 1.05 adds the lobby matches to the game on the PS4. It is a few MBs of download so the size is not that large and the update itself doesn’t seem to do much aside from adding the ability to do lobby matches.

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Koei Tecmo had teased this update for Dead or Alive 6 last week. Despite offering a solid net code, there was no lobby match support included with Dead or Alive 6, but that should change with this new update.

To make sure that you have the lobby match update, check out the game version on the PS4. If it says that the updated version is 1.05, then you have the latest patch installed on PS4. Xbox One users should be able to verify it from their consoles while the PC update was released a couple of hours ago.

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Koei Tecmo has shared the following information regarding the patch notes for Dead or Alive 6 update 1.05 on PS4, 1.03b on PC and Xbox One.

– Added LOBBY MATCHES to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam versions of the game.
– For the PC version of the game, added a feature to alter graphics settings automatically only during online matches to prevent processing delays.

The PC version gets a slight optimization to make it a better experience online, although the extent of these changes has to be properly tested before jumping to a conclusion.

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