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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Is Coming To PS5 In September

Kojima Productions is bringing a director’s cut of Death Stranding to PS5. Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be out on September 24, 2021.

This new version of the game was first shown during the Summer Game Fest. It was later rated by ESRB where it was confirmed to be exclusive to PS5, at least for now.

During the recent State of Play, the game was officially revealed and details on the new content were laid out. According to Kojima Productions, this is the definitive edition of the game that has been remastered and expanded for the PS5.

The Director’s Cut of Death Stranding is jam-packed with new material and improved gameplay features. More weapons, equipment, and vehicles will be added, as well as a range of new modes, missions, and places to explore, extended storyline, and UI improvements. New online features such as Friend Play and Leaderboards will be added as well.

death stranding director's cut

Kojima Productions has promised that the content that they have added to the game is built from the ground up and not bolted into an existing game. The goal was to offer new material that would further expand the environment within Death Stranding while enriching the core game experience, from the Firing Range region to the extra missions to the all-new Fragile Circuit racing mode.

As it stands, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is only available for the PS5 and will be out on September 24, 2021.

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