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Death Stranding Preppers, Gear and Upgrades and How to Find Them

Collectibles are a significant part of Death Stranding, and they have great importance in the game. To find all Preppers, Gear, and Upgrades, it is essential to explore and complete tasks for different characters throughout the game.

The Preppers play an important role in Death Stranding as they provide gear and upgrades to the player. You can earn various rewards by delivering their desired items, which will help you upgrade your equipment and unlock new cosmetic options. Therefore, it is recommended to find and complete tasks for all Preppers to make your gameplay experience more enjoyable and successful.

The following list outlines items that are obtained throughout gameplay and awarded as rewards for progressing through various narrative junctures:

  • At the Waystation West of Capital Knot City, players are awarded with a Postbox PCC Level 1.
  • The Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City provides a Container Repair Spray.
  • A Bridge PCC Level 1 is also available at the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.
  • The Wind Farm rewards players with a Generator PCC Level 1.
  • Within Capital Knot City, individuals can obtain a Blood bag.
  • A Hematic grenade Level 1 is another item received in Capital Knot City.
  • Lake Knot City offers Smoke-emitting decoy cargo.
  • The Engineer gifts a Power skeleton Level 1 and a Smoke grenade Level 1.
  • A Bola Gun Level 1 can be acquired from the Craftsman.
  • The Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City provides a Delivery bot.
  • A PCC Level 2 is available at the Weather Station, alongside a Floating Carrier Level 1.
  • The Chiral Artist offers an Anti-BT handgun Level 1.
  • A second Power skeleton Level 1 and Smoke grenade Level 1 can be acquired from the Junk Dealer.
  • Backpack customization and a Truck are available at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.
  • South Knot City provides a Handgun Level 1, an Assault Rifle Level 1, and Grenades.
  • A Sticky Gun can be obtained in Lake Knot City.
  • The Waystation North of Mountain Knot City offers an Armour plate Level 1 and a Non-lethal assault rifle Level 1.
  • Lastly, a Stabiliser can be obtained in Knot City.

These items are important for advancing in the game and are given to the player at specific stages tied to the storyline’s progression. Not all upgrades are necessary, but some are optional and make traveling to other areas easier. You can also transport cargo easily by finding some of the optional upgrades.

You can acquire more items by building strong relationships with different people you meet in the game. These relationships are built by searching for items and completing deliveries. Some random characters also offer you valuable goods, so it’s important to know which items are supplied by which people. Here’s a handy list to help you figure out which character has the best stuff.

death stranding gear

You can generally unlock the following new items when you hit relationship level 5 with any character.

  • Hologram data
  • Ability to rest for a prepper
  • Cosmetic star

There are a variety of preppers, gear, and upgrades in Death Stranding. These are distributed across its Eastern and Central regions and are integral to enhancing gameplay and player capabilities. Each level of progression is tied to specific preppers and locations within the game’s expansive environment, and players can receive an inventory of assets as rewards.

In the Eastern Region, the following notable rewards can be obtained:

  • Capital Knot City: Players achieve a Bridges Baseball cap at Level 3.
  • Ludens Fan: Rewards include a Level 2 Hologram of Ludens Jumbo Nendroid and a Level 4 Hologram of the Ludens fan.
  • Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City: At Level 4, players receive a Hologram of Benjamin Hancock.
  • Musician: The first delivery rewards players with a Harmonica.

Transitioning to the Central Region, the rewards diversify and expand significantly:

  • Lake Knot City: At Level 4, a Hologram of William Lake is unlocked.
  • The Engineer offers a progression of Power skeletons and Smoke grenades from Levels 2 to 4, culminating in Engineer hologram data.
  • Craftsman: Provides Bola Guns at Levels 2 and 3, alongside Custom hematic grenades.
  • Elder: Offers Vog-emitting decoy cargo at Level 2 and a Hologram at Level 4.
  • Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City: A variety of rewards from Level 1 to 5, including Windmill backpack accessory, Delivery bots, Bridges boots, and Trucks.
  • Collector: Unlocks a Backpack cover at Level 1.
  • Junk Dealer: Offers Speed skeletons, Smoke bombs, Custom CHIRAL ladders, Remote stun bomb, and holograms across various levels.
  • Chiral Artist and Film Director: Provide Anti-BT handguns, Chiral boots, and several holograms across different levels.
  • Weather Station: Awards include Weather Talisman, PCC Level 2, and Floating carriers.
  • Cosplayer: Offers a range of utility upgrades and holograms, including the Otter hood and Omnireflector backpack color.
  • South Knot City: Provides a plethora of gear including Handguns, Assault Rifles, Grenades, and defensive vehicles.
  • Timefall Farm: Specializes in Odradek upgrades and a Goose hologram.
  • The Veteran Porter and The First Prepper: Specific rewards are not detailed.
  • Paleontologist, Geologist, Heartman, Evo-devo Biologist, Roboticist, and others: Offer a variety of gear and holograms, enhancing player abilities and interaction with the game’s world.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4 and it will be out in Summer 2020 for PC. The game is up for pre-order on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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