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Death Stranding Rare Holograms and How To Unlock Them

Holograms are an essential part of delivering packages in Death Stranding. Here’s how you can find the rare holograms and use them in the game.

When Sam is linked to the Chiral Network, he may build and improve various structures that will show in the games of other players. These structures can also be customized by first upgrading them to level 2. You can add things like music, voice calls, and more importantly, holograms that will greet the player.

Rare Holograms are holograms that are unique and different from other holograms. You can get most of these Holograms by strengthening your link with some preppers or facilities.

Some of the holograms are really unusual and out of place in the game. These holograms correspond to characters in other PlayStation 4 games, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn. You must work hard to gather preppers onto the UCA to access the holograms.

How To Get Death Stranding Rare Holograms

During Order 21, you will encounter the craftsmen southwest of Lake Knot City. After obtaining a sufficient number of orders for Sam, such as retrieving missing cargo and regular orders, you will be able to present them to the UCA Chiral Network and increase your connection level with the craftsman.

After doing this, it is possible to get the following rewards which are rare holograms in Death Stranding.

  • Watcher Holograms – Raise Connection Level¬† to 3
  • Aloy Hologram – Raise Connection Level to 4
  • Tallneck Holograms – Raise Connection Level to 5

It is not a simple effort to strengthen the relationship with the craftsman. You must accept as many standard orders as possible from preppers and other facilities. You must maintain a consistent flow to the prepper. When you visit other locations, you may check to see if there are any new orders.

To increase the bonding level, you must bring the missing goods to the craftsman. The lost cargo of other players colored green cannot improve the craftsman’s bonding level. The cargo may be found on the north side, near the BT-infested Shelter. You can also raid the two MULE camps to retrieve the missing cargo that is hidden within their post boxes.

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