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Death Stranding Guide: How To Farm Materials and Chiral Crystals

Death Stranding has a slow pace and will take a while to pick up. Once it does, you will need to farm for materials and chiral crystals in the game.

Gathering materials and resources becomes essential once you start to fabricate items in Death Stranding. You can also use these materials and gathered resources to construct and build structures that can help other players online. It is basically a simulation of going on a journey and facing many hurdles along the way.

There are many materials to gather in Death Stranding from Chiral Crystals, Metals, Resins, Cermaincs to Chemicals and Special Alloys.

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You will need Metals to build and upgrade most of the PCC Structures. This can include bridges or restoring roads using Auto Pavers. Resins are for smaller equipment items including Bridges Boots. Ceramics will be needed in a large quantity to restore roads using Auto Pavers. Special Alloys are used for developing Safe Houses and more advanced items. Chiral Crystals are basically the main material to be used for everything including Hematic Grenades and Blood Bags. They are also useful for building, upgrading, and repairing structures and restoring roads.

death stranding farm materials chiral crystals

It is easy to run out of supplies in Death Stranding. You have to keep an eye out on the various Knot Cities, Distribution Centers or Preppers to make sure there is a solid stock for upgrades or building structures. It is very important to gather these resources as they are essential to enjoying the experience in the game.

How To Farm Death Stranding Materials and Chiral Crystals

Farming Materials and Resources Through Lost Cargo

Lost Cargo is something that the player can discover when they roam the open world of Death Stranding. They can be found when delivering an order or exploring the map. You can use the ping with Odradek Scanner to highlight them on the map. You can then pick them up whenever you are on the way to deliver an order and can deposit them at any facility to reap the rewards. Lost Cargo has no owners so don’t be afraid to pick them up and leave the moral question for latter.

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Lost Cargo that has materials can come in all shapes and sizes. Vehicles are useful when you are carrying an extra-large cargo since they can get them delivered quickly. You should look for the Bike or Truck to carry an extra-large cargo that has materials.

This method doesn’t mean you will be able to find the right materials for any upgrades that you need right now, but it is a good optional step to do when you are just strolling around or working on the main story missions. This makes it sure that you don’t run out of them and have an abundance of stock.

Farming Materials by Raiding MULE Camps

If you are up for the challenge, it is possible to get materials quickly by fighting MULEs and raiding their camps. It is important to carry some of the guns and have all essential gear upgrades in order to stay safe when raiding a MULE camp.

These Mule camps usually have a large stock of one or more materials. They also have large containers in their post boxes which will have stock of materials. You can also steal them from the backpacks that they carry around but make sure you don’t get yourself surrounded by them.

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It is best to use a vehicle when raiding a MULE camp as the cargo can be quite large and hard to carry on foot. The bike is incredibly useful for some quick hit and run when looking for materials. You can also use a MULE truck once you clear a MULE camp to get all of their cargo from post boxes or from locations lying around inside the camp.

Farming Materials Through Delivery Missions

One easy way to farm materials is by taking on the special Standard Orders that are marked as “Materials Delivery”. They are available almost everywhere from Knot Cities to Preppers. They need a lot of cargo so a vehicle is needed if you want to do it quickly. Once you complete these missions, you will get a boost in stores of these materials that can be used immediately.

How To Farm Chiral Crystals In Death Stranding

Chiral Crystals are absolutely essential in Death Stranding. You won’t be able to pick them up until Chapter 3. It is best to always be on the lookout for these Chiral Crystals when roaming the open world. You have to keep scanning your surroundings and pick any of them which are found in your way to delivery.

It is also possible to find a whole field of Chiral Crystals that can be quickly harvested. They are most often found in craters, ravines, or rarely traversed areas. It is always a good idea to look for detours and stray away from the standard path when making a delivery unless you are short on time.

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If you really want to farm Chiral Crystals, the best way is to find and hunt any BTs. They might be difficult to kill at first but once you kill them, you will get a Chiral Crystal on the spot where they die. Another good strategy is to be well prepared for any combat encounters and get captured by a catcher BT. These minibosses can be killed using Hemantic Grenades or blood weapons and they leave behind a huge nest of Chiral Crystals.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4 and will launch in Summer 2020 for PC. The game is currently up for pre-order on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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