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Destruction AllStars Renders At a Dynamic Resolution Between 1800p To 1200p At 60 FPS

Destruction AllStars is available to play now on the PS5 if you have a PSN account in Australia or New Zealand. Here are its resolution and frame rate.

Destruction AllStars is an arena-based vehicular combat game from developer Lucid Games. It will be released free for all PS Plus subscribers from February 2nd, however, if you have a PSN account in Australia or New Zealand and own PS Plus, you can download it beginning today.

Our friends at VGTech have released their technical analysis of Destruction AllStars running on the PS5. While the game was confirmed to run at dynamic 4K resolution, we had no idea of the range of this resolution. It appears that there is no native 4K support here and the game doesn’t manage to quite stick to the 4K target.

Here’s what VGTech had to say regarding the resolution of the game.

PS5 uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being approximately 3264×1836 and the lowest native resolution found being approximately 2304×1296. Native resolution pixel counts at 3264×1836 seem to be rare. A form of temporal reconstruction is used to increase the resolution up to approximately 3264×1836 when rendering natively below this resolution.

While the game doesn’t quite come close to the 4K target, the UI does render at native 4K. This should help keep the text and user interface look crisp and sharper even if the game doesn’t actually run at native 4K.

As for the frame rate, it targets 60 FPS and can drop as low as 46 FPS at the minimum according to the stats that were shared by VGTech. The mean frame rate has been counted at 59.17 FPS so this could be boosted with some performance updates post-launch, but it is still a decent result as the game has just launched.

Destruction AllStars is available on February 2nd exclusively for the PS5. It is available for free to all PS Plus subscribers.

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