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New Dino Crisis Was Reportedly In Development But Was Scrapped

Dino Crisis is one of the long-dormant franchise from Capcom that has yet to see a modern entry, and now a rumor suggests Capcom was working on a new game.

Dino Crisis fans are hoping to get an announcement for a new game but that won’t happen anytime soon. According to a rumor, Capcom was working on an iteration of the game that started development a few years ago. This project sadly never managed to take off and the development was scrapped.

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Dusk Golem, who has leaked information on Capcom projects in the past including Resident Evil series, shared this news on his Twitter account.

“A Dino Crisis game actually was started a few years ago, but then scrapped and buried, and the franchise for now is still extinct for the time being, ” said Dusk Golem in a tweet.

Dusk Golem also mentioned Resident Evil Code Vernocia confirming that there is currently no remake in development for it. Resident Evil 3 will be apparently one of the last remakes from Capcom. They do have a plan to release more Resident Evil games in the future and Dusk Golem has hinted that next year will be “crazy” for fans of the series.

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Resident Evil 8 has been widely rumored to be a third-person shooter however it appears that Capcom might keep the first-person perspective for the upcoming sequel.

“There was a version of RE8 that was third-person which may turn into something else, but no the final game will be first-person, ” clarified Dusk Golem.

Capcom has plans to bring back its long-dormant IPs. If this rumor is true, then it appears that Dino Crisis fans have to wait a little longer to see the franchise make a return again.

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