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Final Fantasy X Wins In NHK Survey Ranking Best Final Fantasy Games In Japan

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has shared the results of a massive survey that ranked popular Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy X has emerged as the winner. Here are the top ten Final Fantasy games as ranked by the public poll.

Final Fantasy X launched back in 2001 and has still retained its popularity among the Final Fantasy fans. Final Fantasy VII is second to it, which is getting a full remake later this year. Final Fantasy VI caps out the Top 3. You can view the full list below.

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Best Final Fantasy Games

  1. Final Fantasy X (2001)
  2. Final Fantasy VII (1997)
  3. Final Fantasy VI (1994)
  4. Final Fantasy IX (2000)
  5. Final Fantasy XIV (2013-)
  6. Final Fantasy V (1992)
  7. Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
  8. Final Fantasy IV (1991)
  9. Final Fantasy XI (2002-)
  10. Final Fantasy XV (2016)

NHK survey also listed other categories for the Final Fantasy games including best character, music, and villain. Here are the results for each category as seen on reddit.

Best Final Fantasy Music

  1. Zanarkand (X)
  2. Clash On The Big Bridge (V)
  3. Eyes On Me (VIII)
  4. Searching For Friends (VI)
  5. Blinded By Light (XIII)
  6. One-Winged Angel (VII)
  7. Aerith’s Theme (VII)
  8. Melodies of Life (IX)
  9. Final Fantasy (Main Theme)
  10. Those Who Fight Further (VII)

Best Final Fantasy Character

  1. Cloud (VII)
  2. Yuna (X)
  3. Aerith (Aeris) (VII)
  4. Vivi (IX)
  5. Zidane (IX)
  6. Emet-Selch (XIV)
  7. Tidus (Tiida) (X)
  8. Lightning (XIII)
  9. Tifa (VII)
  10. Zack (Crisis Core)

Best Final Fantasy Villain and Summons

  1. Knights of the Round (VII)
  2. Kefka (VI)
  3. Hades (XIV)
  4. Anima (X)
  5. Omega (V)
  6. Valefor (X)
  7. Braska’s Final Aeon (X)
  8. Bahamut ZERO (VII)
  9. Syldra (V)
  10. Safer Sephiroth (VII)

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The last mainline game in the Final Fantasy series was Final Fantasy XV and it launched back in 2016. Square Enix will release a remake for Final Fantasy VII on April 10.

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