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PS Plus Subscription Price Has Dropped In Regions Including India and Russia

PS Plus price has been reduced in certain regions around the world. This includes India and Russia where the price of PlayStation Plus has been slashed.

Sony is currently offering PS Plus subscription for subscribers in North America and Europe that costs $59.99/£49.99 for a whole year or $9.99/€8.99 for a month. This price is different depending on the region of the store. It is cheaper in Asia, as an example.

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Sony has now confirmed that they will be reducing the price of PlayStation Plus subscription in India and Russia. These new prices will be effective from May 1st.

ps plus price dropped india and russia

Here is the new subscription price for PlayStation Plus in India.

  • 12 Months PS+ Subscription – 2,999 RS (Originally 4,439 RS)
  • 3 Months PS+ Subscription – 1,199 RS (Originally 1,869 RS)
  • 1 Month PS+ Subscription – Rs. 499 (Originally 599 RS)

Here is the new subscription price for PlayStation Plus in Russia.

  • 12 Months PS+ Subscription – 3299 rubles (Originally 3899 rubles)
  • 3 Months PS+ Subscription – 1399 rubles (Originally 1599 rubles)
  • 1 Month PS+ Subscription – 529 rubles (Originally 499 rubles)

It is possible that more regions are included in this price drop but only these two have been confirmed so far. If you have received an email from Sony, you will be able to check out if the price has been dropped depending on your regional PlayStation Store.

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PlayStation Plus is a separate subscription service from PlayStation Now. The former is needed to play multiplayer games online while also getting two free games every month. The latter is a game subscription service that offers the choice of both downloading and streaming games for the PS4.

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