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Download This Limited Time Dynamic PS4 Theme Celebrating Gamescom

PS4 fans can get this free dynamic theme that was given by Sony to all those fans who were attending Gamescom. It is possible to download it using this method.

Gamescom had a lot of Sony presence with games like Concrete Genie, Dreams, Death Stranding, and MediEvil. They also had some announcements set for the event including the launch of PS4 exclusive Erica.

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As Gamescom has ended, there is still some time left to grab an exclusive dynamic PS4 theme that was given to all the fans who attended the various Sony booths. It requires you to install the PlayStation Experience app on your mobile and scan around 5 different QR codes through it.

ps4 dynamic theme

Here’s how you can grab this exclusive PS4 dynamic theme. Keep in mind that it can be only redeemed on European accounts. UK account will also work along with potentially any accounts that come under region 2.

  • Open the Playstation Experience App and click on the “Event Eingeben” below the Gamescom 2019 News.
  • Click on the Black Circle at the bottom between “Karte” and “Quests” to start the QR Code Scanner of the App.
  • After scanning all 5 QR Codes click on “Quests” and then on “Prämien”.
  • Now click on the “gamescom-Platin”.
  • Last step. Click on “Gutschein anzeigen” to see your PS4 code for the PS4 Theme.

The QR codes along with the instructions are available to view in the Imgur album, courtesy of reddit.

Free PS4 Theme (Playstation Expirience App required)

You can download the theme on your PS4 by heading into the settings menu. You can do this once you redeem the code on your account through the PlayStation Experience app.

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