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Dragon Quest: Your Story CG Movie Looks Incredible In New Trailer

Square Enix is working on the first ever Dragon Quest 3D CG Movie based on the events from the fifth Dragon Quest, and it is out later this year.

Dragon Quest: Your Story is the name of the upcoming CG movie based on the events from Dragon Quest V. Koichi Sugiyama, who has composed the music for most of the series, will return for this movie as well. The story is created by Yuji Hori while the production company behind the CG is the same who worked on Stand by Me Doraemon 3D movie which hit the theatres in Japan in 2014.

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Dragon Quest: Your Story was first introduced back in April with a teaser trailer and now a proper trailer was released by Square Enix today. The movie will be out in Japan later this year.

This film is adapting the middle game from the Zenithia trilogy, which was succeeded by the Erdrick trilogy. The events in the movie deal the story of a hero that starts as a young boy on the way to becoming a hero and culminates all the way into an end that sees him raise his own son. It basically offers multiple timelines while the trailer shared above only shows a glimpse of what is expected from the movie itself.

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The movie is expected to hit the theatres in Japan on August 2, 2019. There is currently no announcement regarding a potential Western or English version of the movie. This is also the first 3D CG movie based on Dragon Quest franchise so it remains to be seen if this will be one of a kind deal or more movies will be planned later for it.

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