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Dreams Creator Hired By Ori Developer Moon Studios

The creator of a game project in the PS4 title Dreams has now been hired by Ori and the Blind Forest developer, Moon Studios.

Dreams creator Eupholace has revealed that he has been hired by Ori and the Blind Forest developer, Moon Studios, for his work on his project, titled Trips Voyage. He will officially begin working as a level designer at the studio during the summer.

The creative director at Moon Studios, Thomas Mahler, praised the creator for his work on Trips Voyage. A trailer for the game can be seen in the video above. It appears heavily inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Odyssey in terms of gameplay and art style. Nevertheless, it’s highly impressive that a single individual was able to put together this Dreams project.

Dreams is a game creation system video game developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in February 2020. User-generated content can be created by players in the form of games, audiovisual experiences, and game assets, which can then be shared or remixed and used in the works of other players.

In Dreams, the player controls a “imp” that can create new characters and objects, move objects by grabbing and pulling them, and interact with the game’s interface and world like a mouse cursor. Using the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move controllers, players can move and rotate the imp. Players can directly control dream characters thanks to the imp’s customization and ability to possess them.

DreamSurfing, DreamShaping, Highlights, Profile, Community Jam, and Homespace are the game’s six main sections. It also includes the game Art’s Dream, which was created by Media Molecule. A player can browse Dreams that have been created and shared in the Dreamiverse by other players, or Dreamers, as the game refers to them, in DreamSurfing, which can be thought of as the traditional “play” section.

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