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Elden Ring “Network Status Failed” Error Reported, Here’s How To Resolve It

As Elden Ring is becoming widely available across the world, there have been several issues reported including a Network Status Failed error.

While the game does suffer from some performance issues on the PS5 and Xbox Series, it is pretty much locked 60 FPS on a PS5 if you play the PS4 version on it. Aside from that, those who are encountering stuttering on PC can also try a temporary fix.

This brings us to the latest problem that has been reported by quite a lot of players on social media. This mainly seems to exhibit for the Xbox users but it may also be seen on PC and PlayStation consoles.

How To Fix Thet Network Status Failed Error For Elden Ring

This problem occurs for some reasons. This could mean that the game servers are unable to handle the launch day load i.e there are a lot of users that are trying to connect to it. You can take a look at the official Twitter account to see if the developers have shared any updates on the server status there. If they have server maintenance planned, they usually update on it in advance so that could be posted there too.

There is another issue that appears to be related to the game update. This was reported today by the Xbox community who tried to play Elden Ring. It was found out that the in-game version was stuck at 1.0.2 while the official version was It led to the game refusing to connect to the servers since it has to be patched to the latest version.

One way to resolve this problem is to force an update on the console, whether you are encountering this problem on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. If you don’t find an update for the game, then chances are there isn’t one and the servers are just causing problems.

The solution, in this case, is to wait for the servers to get back, but if your internet or hardware is the problem, you can do the standard troubleshooting like restarting PC, routers, and rebooting the game to see if it resolves your issue.

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