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Elden Ring Resolution and Frame Rate On PS5 and Xbox Series

Elden Ring is available on February 25. It already had a network test that gave an idea of its performance, but is the final version better?

Bandai Namco has shared the patch notes for the day one update of Elden Ring, and unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to solve the performance issues that were also seen with the network test on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

According to Digital Foundry, Elden Ring’s performance appears to remain the same as the network test. This is the version that was running better on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X. It runs at a higher frame rate on the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X, but this is not saying much. Both consoles still drop the performance to below 60 FPS and neither manages to retain it closer to their target.

The game comes with two different modes. One is the performance mode that runs the game at dynamic 4K resolution and with some lower visual effects. The resolution here can drop down to 1800p. The other is the quality mode that runs the game at 4K resolution. But this one has an uneven 60 FPS frame rate which means it hovers between 30 to 60 FPS.

What Is The Best Platform To Play Elden Ring?

If you want a locked 60 FPS performance, the PS4 Pro version that runs in backward compatibility mode on the PS5 is the way to go here. It drops the resolution from 1800p and this is not native but reconstructed resolution so it does provide some artifacts. The density of the grass and some of the visual effects are also lowered in this mode, but the positive here is that the game runs at 60 FPS.

Even if you stick with the PS5 version, it mains the frame rate better than the Xbox Series X with an advantage in most situations. Hopefully, a post-launch update resolves the issue with the performance as even the PC version is not free from these problems.

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