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Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Show Red XIII, Quest & Summons

Square Enix has shared a couple of new screenshots from Final Fantasy VII Remake. They have also revealed the official render for Red XIII.

Red XIII will be a party member in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is found in the Shinra Headquarters where he ends up teaming with Cloud and friends.

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The official Red XIII render gives a more detailed look at the character model. He is one of the playable characters in the original Final Fantasy VII although his role in the Remake is still uncertain considering he arrives quite late in the game.

final fantasy vii remake red xiii

In addition to revealing the official render for Red XIII, Square Enix Japan has shared a lot of new screenshots from the game. These screenshots reveal some new gameplay details like how to take quests. They also show some of the summon beasts that will be available in the game.

Some of these are tied to pre-order bonuses like the Carbuncle, while others are available from a specific retailer only like the Cactuar, which is a reward from the Square Enix E-Store. Kochoco is another summon beast available as a pre-order bonus. All of these can be used by equipping their respective materia in the game.

Weapons that can be equipped to party members will change their appearance once you switch to a different one in the game. These can be seen in the screenshots where Cloud can use different weapons. There will be additional optional content to complete in the game.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be available on April 10, 2020, for PS4. It is confirmed to be a timed exclusive and will launch on other platforms one year after the PS4 release.

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