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Final Fantasy XIV Players On Xbox Are Receiving Console Bans For Seeking Free Company

Final Fantasy XIV players on Xbox are receiving console wide bans for seeking or helping others find a Free Company.

Reddit user TGB_B20kEn shared that they received a console wide ban for 61 days on Xbox for mentioning the term “free company” in Final Fantasy XIV, which was flagged as “solicitation” by the moderation system. Following the ban, they filed an appeal, which was later denied. Eventually, the Xbox user’s information was forwarded to a moderator by another member of the community for further investigation. As of writing, there has been no update from the Reddit member since then.

Final fantasy xiv free company xbox bans

While the current suspension remains active, the banned Xbox account cannot communicate with others, join multiplayer games, or upload media to the Xbox network. Their community message that led to the ban reads, “Hello Sprouts! We are currently recruiting for a new Free Company that accepts anyone! Please have Discord because we have PC Players! Pm if interested friends!”

Additionally, Twitter/X user BishamonVeena mentioned that they got suspended in the Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV for trying to help people find a Free Company with the console’s own LFG feature. Their community message reads, “RAYZ FC is recruiting in Crystal Data Center Zalera! We are a chill FC open to helping new and returning players feel free to message me for more info!”

For those unaware, Free Companies in Final Fantasy XIV are similar to the guilds seen in other MMOs. These organizations are led by adventurers that enable members to combine resources, such as items or currency, to achieve tasks that would be challenging or impossible to do solo. To form a Free Company, a player needs to submit a petition after gathering signatures from three other players. The petitioner becomes the leader, able to invite more players to join. Once formed, members gain access to a shared company chest for storing items and gear. By elevating the company’s rank, members can design a company crest and use several company actions for mutual benefit. Additionally, free companies can buy estates for headquarters and engage in events like large-scale player-versus-player battles.

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