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Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.33 Released With Fixes To Gameplay and Localization

Final Fantasy XVI update version 1.33 is now available for download. This update brings improvements to the game, particularly in the visibility of custom controller layouts, and addresses several issues affecting gameplay, enemy behavior, and minor inconsistencies in the in-game reports.

The update includes the addition of color coding to custom controller layout button assignments, making them more visible and user-friendly. The update also fixes several issues, such as incorrect enemy hitboxes, improper enemy behavior in certain battles, and issues with ability execution and command functionality. Additionally, it addresses minor inconsistencies and errors within Vivian’s State of the Realm report, as well as correcting minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

Final Fantasy XVI Update 1.33 Patch Notes


  • Color-coding added to custom controller layout button assignments to improve visibility.


The following issues have been addressed:

  • Incorrect enemy hitboxes for certain battle content.
  • Enemies in certain battles not behaving properly under certain conditions.
  • Precision Sic not behaving properly when used in conjunction with certain abilities.
  • Minor, non-lore impacting inconsistencies within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Incorrect information within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Ability execution on all controller layout types being limited to buttons assigned to Ready Eikonic Abilities (Hold) + Attack / Magic.
  • Certain commands not functioning properly when using a custom controller layout.
  • Minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

Final Fantasy XVI is the latest installment in the long-running Final Fantasy series developed and published by Square Enix. Set in the high-fantasy world of Valisthea, the game follows the story of Clive Rosfield, a warrior on a quest for revenge after a series of tragic events. The game features a dynamic combat system that blends real-time action with strategic elements, allowing players to engage in intense battles against a variety of enemies.

Final Fantasy XVI is out now for PS5 with a PC version planned for later.

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