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MultiVersus Developer Claims The Option To Purchase Extra Lives Using Real Money Was A Bug

MultiVersus developer Player First Games has claimed that the option to purchase extra lives in the game using real money was actually a bug.

According to a developer update on the official MultiVersus Twitter/X account, the game’s latest update addresses a bug where players were given the option to purchase extra lives using real money. Player First Games further clarified that this was not an intended feature. In regards to Iron Giant, the developer mentioned that updates are still in the works and that he’ll be returning to battle sometime soon. The studio plans to add performance improvements, End of Game stats, the option to turn off team colors, and other features via future updates.

Multiversus extra lives

For the uninitiated, Multiversus has a single player mode called Rifts, in which multiple difficulty levels are available. The toughest difficulty level, called Looney, was accidentally made available prior to its official arrival on July 10, 2024. Players were therefore able to access it, and get an early look at how they would be able to get more lives on this setting. It turned out that extra lives could be purchased via gleamium, MultiVersus’ in-game currency that can be bought using real money.

The bug that let players access the Looney difficulty in MultiVersus has since been patched out by the developer, though the text claiming players can purchase extra lives is still present. For a bug, it’s rather odd that it was accompanied by UI text that explained it as a feature. It’s possible that Player First Games had originally conceived it as a feature, but decided to not add it at the last minute. As is often the case with last minute changes, this canceled feature may have accidentally found its way into the game via the recent update.

MultiVersus is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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