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Final Fantasy XVI Will Include a Special Gameplay Mode To Focus On Story

Final Fantasy XVI will come with a gameplay mode that will focus on the story while the main game will still be heavily action-oriented.

In a new interview on the “Game Hack” portion of the latest episode of Tokyo FM radio show One Morning, Final Fantasy XVI producer Yoshida was invited as a guest and gave some new information on the status of the game.

According to Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 is very ‘action-oriented and will focus on the action along with a story. Yoshida has prepared a special mode for those who want to enjoy the story but don’t want to focus on the complexity of the game’s action gameplay.

“We want people to enjoy the story, so we prepared a mode for those who want to concentrate on the story. There is a lot of action in the support, so of course there will be a place where you can enjoy the game with easy controls.”

final fantasy xvi update


Yoshida also talks about the theme that he has in mind for the game suggesting that it is aimed at those who have grown up playing the Final Fantasy series. Those who have grown up with the series and are an adult now can better appreciate the underlying themes and tone that are set in Final Fantasy XVI as per Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XVI will be out exclusively for the PS5. It is being developed by Creative Business Division 3 at Square Enix under the direction of Naoki Yoshida, who is acting as the producer for the game. The game was first revealed during the Future of Gaming event back in September. It is supposed to get some new information in 2021. Square Enix had also shared a teaser website at the end of last year that detailed some of the main characters and the world map.

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