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Final Fantasy XVI Official Twitter Account Possibly Discovered

Square Enix has registered a Twitter account for Final Fantasy XVI. This account has an email listed for recovery which links to an official domain.

There have been rumors for a while that Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy XVI, although the rumors haven’t materialized as of yet. The registration of the account links to an email for recovery. This method has been used to discover such accounts in the past including Prince of Persia.

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Final Fantasy XV was the last mainline game to launch in the current generation. It was followed by Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1. There hasn’t been a new Final Fantasy mainline game since the XIII series was released for PS3 and Xbox 360. Final Fantasy XV was a reboot of Versus XIII. It used the same concept and characters to create a brand new mainline game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 was released earlier this year. It will be followed by Part 2. It is currently in development and the developers have assured fans that it will release soon.

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This brings us to Final Fantasy XVI, which has been in development according to rumors. Job listings from Square Enix have suggested that Square Enix Business Division 3 is behind Final Fantasy XVI. They have been hiring for developers for a brand new project and have posted artwork teasing a new fantasy setting.

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