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Final Fantasy XVI Visual Comparison Shows Substantial Upgrade From Initial Reveal

Final Fantasy XVI has been shown again with a release window of Summer 2023 and the visuals appear to have gone a facelift as well.

The last time we saw Final Fantasy XVI, it looked nice but there were moments when the visuals just didn’t feel right. Some of the scenes lacked the oomph that could have made them stand out better e.g the fight between Shiva and Titan.

The new trailer is out now and we have covered it before, there is plenty to look around and get excited about, but there is also the impact of the new visual upgrade.

The core art style and graphics have remained intact for the most part but the game looks a lot more polished now. There are better post-processing effects so some of the scenes like the Shiva and Titan fight don’t look bland.

There are not a lot of scenes in the trailer that show the impact of this upgrade, but nonetheless, just like a game in development, Final Fantasy XVI is showing a lot of promise with each passing time.

Some of these changes might be artistic but it is also important to mention that the first trailer was a PC simulation of the game running on PS5, while this one appears to be running on the actual system. As a result, there might be more subtle changes that are hard to spot in the trailer.

If you have played Final Fantasy XIV, you might recognize some of the visual makeup of the new game. They appear to be running on the same engine. Unreal Engine is not officially confirmed but it is being used for other Square Enix projects like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts 4.

Final Fantasy XVI is available in Summer 2023 and will launch on the PS5.

Salal Awan

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