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Google Stadia Connect With Exciting Announcements Teased For June 6

Google is going to share more information on its Stadia platform on June 6. They have already detailed the potential of this new cloud gaming platform including the hardware specs earlier this year.

Google Stadia is a new cloud-based game streaming platform from the company. They are promising a seamless experience for playing games across a variety of devices. The technology that Google has shown so far seems to work great in theory but it has yet to be tested in a real-world scenario.

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Stadia Connect is a new event which will happen on June 6. The tweet shared by Google seems to hint at exciting announcements including games and more. Although the timing of the tweet itself seems to be out of place due to the recent Google Cloud outage that knocked down a lot of their services for a couple of hours.

Google Stadia release date, launch lineup, and pricing details haven’t been shared by Google so far. We do know some of the studios that are partnering up with Google for their Stadia platform like Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks, both of which tested their games, Doom Eternal and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Aside from that, there is still some mystery left over the playable games on the service.

google stadia connect

Google is not just going to release third-party games on Stadia but will also create their own first-party productions. They have hired Jade Raymond and create a new studio under her leadership to deliver games exclusively for Stadia platform.

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