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GTA V PS5 vs. Xbox Series X vs. PC Comparison: PS5 Takes The Lead In Performance

GTA V has finally received a native PS5 and Xbox Series version. How well does this hold against the PC version and which platform is better?

The PC version of GTA V hasn’t received a similar upgrade to offer ray-tracing support, but it already featured many improvements over the console version that included soft shadows, higher draw distance, high frame rate, and resolution. The console version is finally comparable to the PC version and even surpasses it in some cases.

First of all, if you own Xbox Series S, there is some bad news here. GTA V doesn’t appear to run that well on Microsoft’s budget console. It struggles to maintain 60 FPS in performance mode and can even dip in the 30 FPS fidelity mode. This is despite the performance mode running at 1080p and the Fidelity mode at 1440p. This version also lacks a performance RT mode.

Xbox Series X also doesn’t appear to maintain a huge advantage in performance. It doesn’t maintain 60 FPS in performance mode but the frame rate is stable in the fidelity mode. The performance mode runs at 1440p resolution on both PS5 and Xbox Series X while the performance RT mode runs at a dynamic 1440p resolution on these consoles.

Fidelity mode is the one that offers a native 4K presentation with slightly amped-up visuals but at the expense of 30 FPS. It is pretty much locked to 30 FPS on both consoles.

Ray-tracing appears to improve the shadow quality but there might not be true ray-tracing for reflections in GTA V. Regardless, the reflections are on par and even better than the PC version at point while the shadow quality is higher on the PS5 and Xbox Series when rendering details in distance. The PC version has higher foliage density though, so there’s that.

GTA V is available now for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It has launched with a steep discount on Sony’s PlayStation Store as well as Xbox Live.

Salal Awan

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