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Guardians Of The Galaxy Sequel Hope Rekindled After New Deal Rumor

The hope for a sequel to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy appears to have been rekindled after the latest rumor regarding Embracer and Marvel.

With Embracer Group’s acquisition of Eidos-Montreal earlier this year, Guardians of the Galaxy fans had lost all hope for a sequel. However, according to Miller on Twitter, who has reported other industry happenings in the past, it appears that Embracer Group is is the middle of discussing a deal with Marvel that extends well beyond Marvel’s Avengers.

He adds that it’s understandable for Embracer to be pursuing such a partnership, since other major publishers like EA and Ubisoft have Marvel content in the pipeline. Miller believes that, at the very least, Marvel’s Avengers will continue to live, and an official announcement will be made in this regard once Embracer and Marvel close out their deal.

Meanwhile, the Embracer Group has announced that all conditions for the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, Square Enix Montreal, and other assets previously belonging to Square Enix, including regulatory approvals, have now been fulfilled. Embracer has, therefore, completed the acquisition today. The companies will form the 12th operative group under the leadership of Phil Rogers and his management teams.

Guardians of the galaxy sequel

In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the player assumes control of Peter Quill / Star-Lord from a third-person perspective. Star-Lord’s elemental weapons can be used by the player to defeat foes. He has four different firing modes for his blasters. Enemies are momentarily frozen by ice shots, stunned by lightning shots, drawn toward Star-Lord by wind shots, and damaged by fire by plasma shots when fired at boss characters.

Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer are other members of the team, though they are not directly playable and instead managed by AI. To command them during combat, players can switch into Guardians Mode. Each character possesses four special skills and abilities that can be combined to deal more damage.

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