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Horizon Zero Dawn Lacks a Big Visual Feature On PC Compared To PS4

Horizon Zero Dawn is out now for PC. It is apparently suffering from major issues including one that strips away a major visual feature.

Guerrilla Games and SIE Worldwide Studios has released Horizon Zero Dawn on PC under their PlayStation Mobile label. The game is out since August 7 but the reviews on Steam are not kind to it. There have been numerous complaints that this is a troubled port that leads to the game crashing, poor performance, and even the lack of a major visual feature.

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As discovered by users on Steam and on Reddit, the game lacks the Snow Deformation effect which was added by Guerrilla Games in the Frozen Wilds DLC expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. This effect was not present in the original game so while it might not apply to the full game, those who can play the Frozen Wilds expansions on PC won’t be able to see the snow deform when Aloy moves in it.

This is a major oversight from the studio who ported the game on PC. Guerrilla Games weren’t behind this port. It was apparently handled by a third-party studio, Virtuos. They have worked on a lot of other similar ports for other consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and even PC.

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Horizon Zero Dawn has a rocky start on Steam and there is some speculation that this build of the game has traces of debugging code which could be contributing to the game crashing on PC. Guerrilla Games has addressed the issues voiced by fans and assured that they are looking into it.

The game was first released for the PS4 in 2017. It was followed up with a major expansion called Frozen Wilds. The sequel is planned to launch for PS5 in 2021.

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