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How Canadian Gaming Studios Contribute to the Industry

The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries in the world of entertainment. Studios from all over the world contribute to its growth with indie games and triple-A titles. Recent releases like the new addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise prove that the industry is alive and well, as well as that big-time developers can craft amazing games.

When it comes to big-time and small-time developers, one cannot deny the contribution of Canadian gaming studios to the world of gaming. They are responsible for a variety of titles that are enjoyed by millions of gamers today.

Moreover, these are the types of providers that don’t shy away from experimenting and creating masterpieces available on multiple devices. In other words, they’re going all out when it comes to the production of games and they won’t stop.

The online gaming mania is a trend that’s popular in Canada as well, and the country has produced some of the best e-sports athletes and streamers. With these things in mind, we can dive into the Canadian gaming world and see why it plays such an important role in the world of gaming.


The world of gaming wouldn’t be the same without the introduction of the Internet. Canadian gamers, as well as gamers across the world, could connect and enjoy the same game at the same time. This phenomenon spawned a variety of online titles including action, adventure, fantasy RPG, and all sorts of other titles.

Even casino games made it online, as nowadays there are all sorts of casino sites present. These sites offer everything casino-related online, including high RTP casino games online, bonuses and promotions, a bunch of payment methods, and a secure digital environment for all visitors. Canadian punters are welcome to such sites, only if they enjoy them responsibly.

Aside from the online mania, gaming became an e-sport and Canada contributed as a developer and a producer of some of the finest players in the sport including Karma, Biofrost, Twistzz, and others. Canada also plays an important role as one of the hubs for the rise in e-sports.

Indie and Triple-A Influence

Indie developers have made some of the best games so far. One studio that started as an indie developer is Klei Entertainment. It’s a studio based in Vancouver and its staple is the creation of 2D titles that look amazing. You can think of them as cartoony titles with a bit of violence. One of the best games they produced is Mark of the Ninja. It follows the story of a ninja who goes through various environments to get to his target. Shank is another of their masterpieces. Klei is still active on the market today.

One of the biggest Canadian influences on the gaming market is the games that Ubisoft Montreal has created. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of the most famous gaming franchises. Another Canadian mammoth in the world of gaming is the studio known as Bioware. Old-school gamers will know this studio for Knights of the Old Republic, a spectacular game set in the Star Wars franchise.

When it comes to Bioware titles, the Mass Effect franchise is one of their most famous and popular ones. Dragon Age is another franchise that comes in several titles including Origins and Inquisition.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, Canada plays a big role in the world of gaming. Its studios and gamers are prominent in the world of online gaming. Moreover, game development companies such as Ubisoft and Bioware prove just how vital the Canadian gaming machine is to the gaming industry.