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Judgment Combat Trailer Gives a Lot of Yakuza Vibes

Sega and Atlus USA have shared a new trailer for Judgment, their upcoming new IP from the makers of Yakuza. Despite starting off with a new hero and name, it shares a lot of similarity to the Yakuza series.

Judgment is a brand new detective mystery game out later this year. It was developed by the studio by the Yakuza series and they are aiming to make it their next major IP. Yakuza has also started to tease a new protagonist for the next major entry so Judgment is a stopgap to release in between the wait for the next game.

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Judgment has received its first official combat trailer from Atlus USA showing the various combat styles that are present in the game.

Those who have played most of the Yakuza games will instantly recognize the combat and special moves here. They bear some resemblance to the previous work of the developers but Judgment is focused more on the detective and investigative side of the story instead of the criminal underworld that was featured in Yakuza.

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Judgment also faced some controversy recently after an actor who played the role of one of the major in-game character was caught with drugs. Since it is a serious offense in Japan, Sega pulled the game from shelves and quickly worked on an alternative cut which didn’t include the old actor. This is the version that will be making it to the Western release of the game.

Judgment is finally coming out on June 25 for the PS4. You can pre-order the game through the PlayStation Store to get early access to it beginning from June 21. The game will launch at both retail and digital stores.

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