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Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Getting Critical Mode With Free Update

Kingdom Hearts 3 will get critical mode as a free update tomorrow as confirmed by Square Enix. This update will bring back the long-requested Critical Mode to the game. It was discovered in the game files and now it will be available as a free update.

Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts 3 should solve the issue of the easy difficulty that was one of the main complaints by long-time fans of the series. Despite offering a proud mode, the lackluster difficulty in the game meant there was a need to offer a more challenging difficulty.

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What Is Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts III?

Right now, there is not much known about this mode. We do know that it will offer new abilities that are designed to be more competitive and aimed at skilled players. These abilities and other gameplay tweaks should hopefully improve the combat system which was considered as button-mashing combat due to the easy difficulty.

Critical Mode is not something new for Kingdom Hearts 3. It has been included in some of the previous games like Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix. Players can take more damage in this mode, deal lower damage, changes are made to the abilities and AP requirements, and there are a lot of other balance adjustments made to make the game more challenging. It is good for veterans of the series but newcomers might find it difficult.

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When Will Critical Mode Release For Kingdom Hearts III?

Kingdom Hearts 3 game director Tetsuya Nomura has shared a message on Twitter where he announced the Critical Mode update for the game. He, unfortunately, didn’t give an exact time frame on when this update–which will be Kingdom Hearts 3 update 1.04 if we go by the PS4 version–releases tomorrow.

As the tweet shows, this might be a different type of Critical Mode than what was available in the previous games. The exact list of changes is still not confirmed but once the update is out, we will likely get a list along with it.

Kingdom Hearts III was the fastest selling game in the series and has shipped 5 million copies so far. It also included a secret ending that teased at the future for the franchise.

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